Revived a nostalgic brand through a social media rebrand.

Driving Brand Voice

You can count on us.

We’re not about glitz and gimmicks; we’re about dependability. Our fans have been reaching for us since the 70s, and consider our bold, distinctive scent an essential part of their day. We’re the smell of early mornings, the smell of a job well done, the smell of great things ahead.

We’re proud to have provided a reliable clean for decades and have come to realize the importance of doing our part to ensure we can keep doing so for decades to come. As part of that mission, we are committing to act as environmental stewards, examining our products, process, and impact to look for ways to minimize plastic waste and keep our planet beautiful. We want to ensure a cleaner you also means a cleaner planet.

Social Voice

Vision, made practical.

– We wouldn’t call ourselves wise, but that’s mostly because we’re not ones to compliment ourselves at all. We stick to facts and amplify the voices of others.

– We think there’s nothing more important than dependability. We strive to build relationships through trust and credibility.

– We use direct, purposeful language and try to change minds through education, not fluff.

– We strive to present making a difference for our planet’s health as an accessible achievement, breaking down the steps our audience can take as clearly and simply as possible.

– We may slip away into a moment of nostalgia for our past or passion for our future, but otherwise remain cool and collected.

Visual Execution



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