Drove 55% of e-commerce revenue for a CBD company through effective email marketing.

The Problem

Treadwell Farms is one of the first Fresh from Florida CBD companies that farm, manufacture and sell local, organic CBD products. While CBD was made legal by the 2018 Federal Farm Bill, many marketing and media platforms are slow to update their policies. Thus, marketing and advertising CBD products is extremely limited. Owned channels are the most important marketing channels available to CBD companies, especially their email lists.

The Solution

Develop a sustainable stream of communication that engaged with email subscribers based on where they were in their relationship with Treadwell Farms. As a starting point we created three distinct streams of communication:

1. Onboarded new subscribers with an introduction to who Treadwell Farms is and why they’re different (and better) than many other CBD companies.

2. Educated and informed existing customers about upcoming promotions, ways to use the Treadwell Farms products and how to refer CBD to their friends and family.

3. Engaged lapsed customers or subscribers who haven’t purchased through product recommendations, reminders and tiered coupon testing.

The Results

Drove 60% of e-commerce revenue for a CBD company through effective email marketing:


of total e-commerce revenue is driven by email


Average email open rate


Average email click-through rate



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